Toddler Helmet, Multi-Sport Lightweight Safety Helmets for Cycling /Skateboard/Scooter/ Skate Inline Skating /Rollerblading Protective Gear Suitable Boys/Girls ( 3-8 Year Old)

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Brand: SKL

EAN: 3403114454320

1.High density EPS liner,PC,
2.Foam padding for extra comfort and fit
3.Air-vents for a cool riding,super lightweight and breathable
4.possible to change and wash
5.Anatomically shaped chin buckle and adjustable straps for optimum and maximum safety
6.Unique spider prints designed ,kid like it.

Helmet Tips 
Wear a helmet when you ride 
Wear your helmet low in the front to protect the forehead 
Fasten your buckle and tighten your chin strap 
Check your adjustments every time you wear your helmet 
Inspect your helmet regularly for signs of wear or damage 
Wear a helmet designed for your activity 

Suitable: kids / Child 
Please according to the head circumference choose .
Recommendation age (3-8 years old)

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