SKL Non-slip Bath Mats

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  • Absorbent - Absorb water and dries quickly, 100-percent microfiber chenille construction allows it to be very absorbent
  • Softness Cushion - Ultra-fine strands woven together, so the surface area of this mat is much greater than meets the eye.The microfiber chenille noodles are so soft and snuggly, dogs enjoy sleeping on these doormats too
  • Non skid - No-slip backing and slip resistant surface,These bathroom mats protect those who are washing their hands or just walking past the sink by providing traction on floors that would otherwise be slippery due to water splashing and running down countertops.
  • Easy Care - Machine washable. Simply toss the whole mat into the washing machine, wash cold, hang to dry or air dry flat. Please do NOT use the dryer or put it in Hot water. The super soft microfiber material will not shrink or turn rough after the wash, keeping your bathroom rug in the same shape as the day you bought it.
  • Super Soft and Dries Quickly - The chenille fabric microfiber bathroom rug is designed to quickly absorb water, keeping your bathroom floors dry and clean. The mat's construction, with thousands of individual microfiber shags, allow the water held in the mat to dry quickly, leaving the mat smelling and feeling clean, dry. The Sturdy design will keep the mat looking the same even after you just got out of the shower.

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