SKL Children's Scooter BMX Bike Helmet, Gel Knee, Elbow Pads and Hand Pads

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SKL Protective Gear for Wrist elbow knee. 
We are professional on Sport Equipment set. 

Item specifics 
Age: Children & Baby 
Color: Pink, Black, Green, Red, Blue 
Material: Polyester, PP plastic and PE foam 
Size: S, 45cm-51cm (17.7-20.1in, Head Circumference) 
Head Width: Less than 15.5cm(6.1in) 
Head Length: Less than 19cm(7.5in) 
Elbow (min 9.5" max 13.5") 
Knee (min 12.5" max 17") 

Suitable Sport: 
Skateboard Skateboarding 
Roller Rollerblade 
Bicycle Ride Bike Cycling 
BMX bike 
Outdoor activities 
Other extreme sports 

Suitable User: 
Professional / amateur athlete 

1 Pair of Elbow pad 
1 Pair of Knee pad 
1 Pair of Wrist pad 
1 Pcs Helmet 

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