Sand Free Beach Blanket Outdoor Beach Blanket Waterproof Pocket Blanket Sand Proof Ground Cover Compact Picnic Mat for Camping Travel Hiking Festival Sports

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Product Description

Get comfortable anytime, anywhere in nature. Bring this compact, waterproof blanket with you on all your outdoor activities & adventures!

Don’t you think you need to spend more time outside? We think so! Whether you’re hiking, camping, backpacking, at a festival, on a picnic, or just spending a lazy day at the beach or park… why not switch off and go outdoors? Inside this small pouch comes a handy outdoor blanket that you can open up to lay down on wet grass, a sandy beach, or wherever, really… simply sit down and enjoy the view!

Hook it onto your bag or carry it in your pocket! It fits 2 persons comfortably but can fit up to 4 persons.

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