Portable Travel Bottle Set

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White set details:

  • Air Travel Must Have:The Air Travel Bottles is with seethrough plastic pouch, which comes in correct size,within the acceptable limits of airlines,thus you donot need to buy the ziplock bag.
  • Specially Good for Swimming and Outdoor Activities:These clear bottles are waterproof,small,light weight and portable,seethrough,good for travel, trip, camping, business trip, etc.
  • Easy to transfer: come with 3 pieces handy tools, funnel, pipette and mini spatula, helping you to transfer your make-ups with ease and reduce waste,the tools are useful (especially the tiny funnel!)
  • A wide range of application: different kinds of containers are suitable for liquid, shampoo, conditioner, oils, detergents, cosmetics, lotions, eye cream, facial mask and so on.
  • Package includes 1 piece 100 ml pump bottles, 1 piece 100 ml spray bottle, 1 piece 70 ml screw cap bottle, 1 piece 50ml flip-cap bottle,2 pieces 10 ml cream jars, 1 piece pipette, 1 piece funnel, 1 piece mini spatula.
Green set details:
    • Our Reusable Travel Bottles are safe with 100% BPA / PVC Food Grade Silica Gel material safe for many liquids such as shampoo, hair rinse, lotion, sun cream and even salad dressing. Three pieces in a set.
    • 100% TSA-compliant and safe for travel and taking on the plane.
    • Each lid with three tight walls and cross-design snout to avoid leaks or spills. The liquid can not escape the bottles without pressing even if the bottle cap is opened.
    • The bottle capsule is detachable and very easy to wash so that the bottle can be reused
    • Size: 1.4 * 2.4 * 5 Inch / 3.55 * 6 * 12.7 CM

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