Outdoor Adventure Set for Kids, Exploration Kit Nature Educational Toy Pack of 12, Binoculars, Flashlight, Compass, Magnifying Glass, Whistle, Butterfly Net, Bug Viewer for Backyard Camping

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  • 12 Pack Outdoor Explorer Kit - All gift in one set with binoculars, flashlight, compass, magnifying glass, butterfly net, bug tongs, tweezers, whistle, insect viewer, toy spider and backpack for easily carrying outside and storage. Fantastic gift for animal bird watching, backyard garden, park, hunting, camping and outdoor exploration
  • Educational Toy Gift Set - Supports STEM learning and encourages nature scientific exploration. A new and funny way to inspire your kids' curiosity and encourage them explore our surroundings, learn more about our enviroment. Creats hours of fun to observe small animals, like bug, how them look and how they act
  • Binoculars - Made of soft rubber eyecups to protect your kids safety. Ergonomical nonslip grip specially designed for little kids. 4x 33mm Magnification come with lanyard can be adjusted focus. Ideal for your kids viewing nature animals, like birds, dragonfly, butterfly
  • Portable Flashlight - Hand cranked design with 3 LED lights, no need batteries or charging. When battery is exhausted, just squeeze the handle to charge. A great tool to teach your kids how the light power is generated. Perfect for traveling, camping, hiking, games and night adventures
  • Compass and Magnifier - Compass is used for locating positions on maps or in the field, teach your kids the concept of direction. Magnifying glass and insect viewer are great for studying and investigate insects, leaves, rocks or trees. Butterfly net is a nice gift for kids who love catching bugs, insects, butterflies, small fishes

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