Kids Ball Pit Toddler Ball Pool Baby Play Tent Indoor & Outdoor Playpen Ball Pit Pool with Basketball Hoop Zippered Foldable Storage Bag (Balls Not Included)

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We are specialized in designing and manufacturing various toys, all products have passed the quality inspection and security certification. Our mission is to make each children grow up healthily and happily in a clean and safe environment.

*Stimulate the imagination
*Improve the language competence and the ingenuity
*The cultivation of the independent personality
*Color perception, train children to colorific acuity
*Develop coordinating abilities and logical thinking ability

1: Please expand it carefully because the product can bounce open quickly
2: Pay attention to product folding method
3: Please get away from fire

Packing List:
1 x Foldable Ball pit playpen
1 x Zippered storage bag

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