skating protective gear for a child


Roller skating has many benefits for children. It can not only enhance physical fitness, exercise thinking skills, but also cultivate team awareness and improve children's frustration ability.


But for parents who are just starting to send their children to learn roller skating, choosing equipment is a headache. The roller skating competition is very fierce, and various collisions will inevitably occur during the competition. If the equipment is not carefully selected, it is easy to cause harm to the child.

So, how to choose regular and quality-guaranteed roller ball protection equipment? The quality of equipment on the market is uneven, so you need to keep your eyes open!

Great Knee pads for kids


SKL children's elbow pads

knee pads and elbow pads for kids


Overall comfort: ergonomic design

Elbow structure: 3 belt free adjustment structure,

The forearm has ventilation holes to facilitate the evaporation of sweat

children's elbow and knee pads for biking



Children's roller skating protective helmet

children's helmets and pads

Material: PP shell + EPP lining

Features: quick-drying, absorbing sweat, and fits the head better

Adjustment: Tool-free adjustment


girls' bike helmet and pads set


SKLsports has been committed to the promotion and popularization of roller skating. Over the years, it has held various national and provincial professional roller skating competitions and various children's roller skating fun games throughout the country, whether it is the development of activities or professional equipment We are all ingenious in design and production, and are welcomed by clubs, parents and students.