With the development of various sports, roller skates have gradually become cool and handsome equipment for young people. Now more and more young people like to play inline skating. Inline skates have skills. Only by mastering these skills can you play inline skates smoothly. Today, the editor will share some inline skate skills for everyone. After mastering the skating skills introduced by the editor, everyone can enjoy the fun of inline skating. Learning the skills of inline skates can become a charming person.

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2. Sliding After practicing the t-step, you can basically grasp the center of gravity of your body. When sliding, you should feel the center of gravity of your body. Theoretically speaking, when sliding to the left, the entire center of gravity of the body needs to lean to the left, and the right foot is best to follow. The same is true when sliding with the right foot. The trick is not to slide with only one foot all the time, you must swap both feet to slide. And it's best not to be supported by others or external force when practicing.

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  3. Stopping is also skillful, usually by t-stepping. Put one foot behind and hit it horizontally, slowly slowing down, and finally reaching the effect of stopping. This technique is to bend the front foot slightly and hit the back foot horizontally to let the pulley rub the ground. Gradually, it will stop. Be careful not to hit it sideways at once, otherwise it will easily fall. If you are not satisfied with your sliding technique and feel that your center of gravity is still unstable, you can practice t-steps first. The t-step is mainly for braking, it is a braking technique. This technique is to keep your feet in a T shape and use friction to change direction and stop sliding. Inline skating is a more dangerous sport, and safety measures must be taken when practicing. If you are not a veteran, you must wear protective gear when practicing inline skating. Inline skating is a sport that is easy to fall, and it is easy to cause skin damage and fractures if you are not careful, so you must pay attention to safety when practicing inline skating. If the technique is not very good, never slip on the road alone. Those who are just starting to learn are best to practice with their peers, and try to choose an open practice venue.

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