After skateboarding became an Olympic event, it has received more and more attention, and with the help of many variety shows, more and more people play But for newcomers who are just entering the industry, they face the dazzling array of products on the market Often seem at a loss. As a senior player who has skied the board for 14 years and regards it as a career, I have an obligation to share with you the lessons learned Let novice friends avoid stepping on thunder. If you still choose skateboards with the inertial thinking of measuring the quality of goods by sales, then you will be miserable. The top rankings are basically toy boards. It is used, but the expensive 60-100 US dollars for professional boards is worth the price, a world of difference)




When choosing wood, my personal recommendation is to choose 7-layer Canadian maple wood. Why? Canadian maple is also very tough, so it is not easy to break, but if you choose wood or Chinese maple, it will break easily. The price of maple boards is relatively high (most of the wood for musical instruments or sports equipment is made of Canadian maple), and the cheaper ones are made of Northeast maple or broken planks (so don’t believe Taobao’s low-priced skateboards, but just play around. I think a low price would be more suitable)


  • 2  Of course, the lighter the bracket, the better, and the harder the better. Carbon steel will be harder but more brittle, so the price will be lower. Most of the better brackets on the market are aluminum alloy, which is harder and lighter (price Not too expensive), the titanium alloy bracket will be lighter and harder. Generally, the price of the air titanium alloy bracket is generally 500+ for high-end skaters.



The choice of wheels. At this time, different ways of playing use different wheels. If you are used to brushing the street, it is recommended that you choose softer wheels. The corresponding soft wheels will have higher elasticity. Generally, skaters will choose 99A-102A when they are used to doing actions. The reason for the rigid wheels is that the skateboard is more stable when landing, and the success rate of the action will increase accordingly. The choice of wheels also varies from person to person. Choose the wheel that suits you best and it will be more comfortable to slide.

 Finally, choose the style of skateboarding. Each pattern represents a different style. The style also varies from person to person. I personally recommend color sandpaper because it is handsome enough. Then the back pattern and the heat transfer pattern will be better if you choose some skull styles. , But the engraving on the back is also good.