During the COVID-19 quarantine period, many people felt bored. According to the British “Guardian” report on May 10, Gui Khury, an 11-year-old talented skater in Brazil, took advantage of this time to refine his skateboarding skills, breaking a record of more than 20 years and becoming the first person to perform a 1080-degree rotation on a vertical ramp. one person.

More than 20 years ago, legendary skater Tony Hawk completed his first 900-degree spin at the age of 31, which became the most important moment in his skate career. Since then, no more than a dozen people have completed this difficult technique.

And Khury completed a 900-degree spin at the age of 8, becoming the youngest finisher. At the age of 11, he has now completed three full rotations (1080 degrees) before landing steadily and continuing to slide away.


Khury’s father, Ricardo, told Reuters that his son usually does not have so much time to train when he goes to school, and he gets tired when he gets home. “Isolation helps him concentrate,” and he also has more time to train, which undoubtedly helps him improve. .

Now, Khury's goal is to continue practicing 1080 degrees and work towards 1260 degrees. Previously, skaters who had achieved 1080 degrees and 1260 degrees were on larger slopes that were faster and easier. It is more difficult to achieve these skills on vertical ramps like him. But Khury said: "It's possible. Who knows."

Previously, skateboarding has been included in the official events of the Tokyo Olympics, but the Tokyo Olympics has been temporarily postponed to 2021 due to the new crown epidemic.